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Juicy Melon Dew

Fryd Extracts | Juicy Melon Dew Buy Juicy Melon Dew, this is a refreshing and juicy flavor that is perfect

LeMon Tree Tea

Fryd Extracts | LeMon Tree Tea Buy LeMon Tree Tea, this is one of the new Fryd Extracts 2g liquid

Mucho Mango

Fryd Extracts | Mucho Mango 2G Disposable Buy Mucho Mango is one of the new Fryd Extracts disposable 2g flavor.

Order Fryd Extracts Bulk (100pcs)

Fryd Extracts Bulk Order Fryd Extracts Bulk. If you are looking to retail or become a distributor, then the Fryd

Peach Rings

Fryd Extracts | Peach Rings Buy Peach Rings, Looking for a delicious and potent cannabis experience? Look no further than

Pink Guava Gelato

Fryd Extracts | Pink Guava Gelato Pink Guava Gelato is one of the best 2g hitting fryd carts .

Pink StarBurst

Fryd Extracts | Pink StarBurst Pink Starburst is a strawberry tasting hybrid strain made by Fryd Extracts. It is one

Purple Pop Rocks

Fryd Extracts | Purple Pop Rocks Buy Purple Pop Rocks, This is a made from an indica dominant hybrid strain

Strawberry Lemoncello

Fryd Extracts | Strawberry Lemoncello Buy Strawberry Lemoncello, this is a delicious and zesty flavor that is sure to brighten

Tropical Runtz Punch

Fryhd Extracts | Tropical Runtz Punch Tropical Runtz Punch is one of the original flavors from Fryd Extarcts.

Watermelon Gushers

Fryd Extracts | Watermelon Gushers Buy Watermelon Gushers Online, This is one of the original flavors from Fryd Extracts

Wild Baja Blast

Fryd Extracts | Wild Baja Blast Wild Baja Blast, This is one of the original flvors from Fryd Extracts.